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Velocity Mail (vMail) is a standards-based solution designed for commercial airlines who carry mail under CAIR-2003, CAIR-2006, AMOT, and US-Outbound International & Military mail as well as for any other Post following the UPU standards.

The vMail solution meets the USPS requirements while providing a flexible and reusable architecture designed to meet an airline’s unique operational processes.

In order to satisfy all of the USPS requirements, AccuCode created a mail tracking system suitable for all commercial airlines that leverages mobile computing, automatic identification and data capture (AIDC), EDI Messaging, and a scalable J2EE architecture.

While each airline has custom requirements based on differing operational processes, the USPS requirements are implemented in a manner independent of airline processes, making the vMail system a compelling solution for all USPS partners.

The greatest benefit from vMail will come from the flexibility associated with nesting. Mail receptacles can be tracked as individual items or nests. Nests can be created for a physical container, for a destination, a flight or any other logical physical or virtual grouping. Convenience mechanisms will allow the breakdown and consolidation of related items or nests for automation of transport scanning events.